Titan Motion Control Rig

For the largest range of motion and lens heights exceeding any other motion control rig in the world, get the Titan. The Titan offers the greatest range of precision telescopic movement of any system available, which provides a versatility and style of moco shooting not found with any other motion control system. For example, before the Milo, “pull out” or “push in” type of shots were accomplished by moving the rig along track. Many times however track would end up in frame as you pulled out and would require time in post-production to paint out. Titan’s 22.5ft telescoping range means many shots of this type can be done without track.


Let your director's imagination run wild with the Titan arm, offering the largest range of motion and a 30ft telescopic arm, capable of shots unachievable with any fixed arm rigs. When it comes to the Titan size does matter.


Our rigs are programmed using Flair Motion Control software, the most advanced motion control software available. Moves can be planned in 3D packages, fed into Flair and executed by our rigs. Reversely, moves programmed in Flair can be exported to 3D packages. For following live action or adding a handheld feel we have handweels and pan bars (encoded Fluid head) as well as options for manual focus/zoom record and playback.

Shot with the Titan