Robotics for Live Shows and Events

Add that WOW factor to your production.

Automation and robotics is more popular than ever in live events. At MrMoco rentals we have all your robotics solutions from intricate model movers, motion bases for people as well as range of high speed robotic arms. Below is just a few case studies we’ve been involved in.

Phillip Plein Fashion Show

We took our entire rental inventory to Milan where each robot was programmed to dress, accessorized and photograph the models as they moved along on motorised catwalk.

Stella Artois VR experience

Drone footage was tracked over Wimbledon tennis club and then imported into our motion base to simulate the flying experience. This was set up in Waterloo train station for a weeklong event during the tennis championships.

Nissan live chromo key set

We set up a live chromo key stage at the Dubai Motor Show. Each attendee was shot alongside the car against green screen and then given the final composited footage on memory stick before leaving.