Motion Control for TV and Film

Portable, reliable motion control for every production.

Motion control is in essence moving parts of machines, which we call rigs. Motion control in the context of video, therefore is a technique that enables precise control and repetition of camera movements to produce visual effects. But we can do more than just moving cameras from A-B.

When you can’t find what you want

We at Camera Control pride ourselves on being able to create custom solutions to solve the impossible shot. We have a team of mechanical designers, electronic engineers and software developers all on hand to build, test and deliver exactly what your production requires. If you don’t see what you’re looking for on our website just ask. With notice, there isn’t anything that can’t be achieved.

More shoot time and less downtime

We have the latest and most well looked after equipment in the market. Being the equipment manufacturer, we are continually improving each rig and adding to our range of equipment. Gone are the days of unreliable rigs causing overtime.

Truly portable motion control

When we say portable, we mean set up times in under an hour, a fleet of trucks covering Europe within 48 hours, and a logistics team who can organise our rigs to be flown (in flight cases) with their documentation to the other side of the world within a few days.