Cobra High Speed Cinebot

The Cobra Hi-Speed Cinebot is the latest additional to Camera Control's collection of motion control tools and has the longest arm reach of our high speed equipment, allowing for greater freedom of movement vertically and side to side. This has proved to be very useful for shooting live action subjects and provides further creative possibilities.


Just like the highly acclaimed bolt, we have developed a system for rapidly setting up and repositioning Cobra to enable shots to be achieved quickly in studio and location settings.


Our rigs are programmed using Flair Motion Control software, the most advanced motion control software available. Moves can be planned in 3D packages, fed into Flair and executed by our rigs. Reversely, moves programmed in Flair can be exported to 3D packages. For following live action or adding a handheld feel we have handweels and pan bars (encoded Fluid head) as well as options for manual focus/zoom record and playback.

The Cobra