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Where a simple pan and tilt is all that is needed, then the Ulti-Head is the right tool for the job. The Ulti-Head is a high speed fully motion controlled head capable of frame accurate repeatability. As well as its use in motion control the head can be used as a standard remote head too. The Ulti-Head also has an optional full 360 degree roll.

The head is capable of being tripod or crane mounted, over or under slung. It can pan and tilt at up to 120 degrees per second and has no problem handling camera packages up to 35kg. Additional axes of motion such as Track, Lift or Roll can easily be added to bring even more versatility to the head - for example the Modula Track and Lift Rig.

The Ulti-Head can be controlled using remote Handwheels, Joysticks, or Pan-bars (encoded Fluid head). Alternatively it can be programmed from the keyboard and mouse, using Flair Motion Control software, the most advanced motion control software available. Moves can be planned in 3D packages, fed into Flair and executed by our rigs. Reversely, moves programmed in Flair can be exported to 3D packages. We also have options for manual focus/zoom record and playback.

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