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The SFH-50 and it's small brother the SFH-30 Pan Tilt Heads are the first moco heads available for dry-hire or  O.I.Y, Operate-It-Yourself (similar to D.I.Y without all the mishaps that go with that!). As well as not needing to be supplied with a Technician, these heads are extremely affordable making motion control available to low end budgets requiring moco techniques.

The SFH-50 is ideal for smaller HD cameras up to a 14kg payload. It is capable of being tripod or crane mounted, over or under slung. It can pan and tilt at up to 100 degrees per second. Additional axes of motion such as monorail track and a 360 degree roll can also be added. The head has high-speed pan and tilt capability, reversely though it can also be used for time-lapse or stop frame animation where it could take days or weeks to complete a move if required.

A one hour crash training course using simple remote intelligent handwheels, joystick or pan bars (encoded Fluid head) that can record and playback moves at varied speeds or even program a simple A to B move is offered free of charge at our premises and the kit can then be taken straight from here to your shoot.

Contact us to arrange a demo or to discuss your requirements and get expert advice from one of our experienced motion control crew.







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