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Highly portable, precise and fast, the Modular offers multiple light-weight solutions for studio or location shooting. The Modular's small foot print allows it to be moved easily on location and is narrow enough to fit through standard doorways.

As its name implies, the Modular is multi configurable. It has 3 main set-ups. The first is a simple Pan/Tilt head mounted on the track base. With tripod legs different camera heights can be achieved. Secondly a lift column can be mounted to the base to control vertical movement of the camera. Lastly with the turret and arm, the Modular becomes a multi axis motion control rig with Track, Lift, Rotate, Pan and Tilt, Zoom and Focus. In whatever configuration the Modular is ready to shoot within an hour of arrival on set.

The Modular runs on our precision bearing straight track. A circular dolly track option is available with friction drive.

For following live action or adding a handheld feel we have available handweels and pan bars (encoded Fluid head) as well as options for manual focus/zoom record and playback. Moves can be recorded in Flair and frame accurately played back.

Our rigs are programmed using Flair Motion Control software, the most advanced motion control software available. Moves can be planned in 3D packages, fed into Flair and executed by our rigs. Reversely, moves programmed in Flair can be exported to 3D packages.

Contact us to arrange a demo or to discuss your requirements and get expert advice from one of our experienced motion control crew.







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